Top 3 best Pull Out Spice Rack For Upper Cabinets


pull out spice rack for upper cabinets .The home interior doesn’t just stop at the living room. It continues into the kitchen. We often pay attention to significant kitchen parts, like countertops, and leave out small, dead spaces between cabinets. 

You’re probably thinking, “What do I need a dead space for?” You can stack spice there. Choose functionality and practicability. Hence, choose a pullout spice rack for upper cabinets. 

A pullout spice rack for upper cabinets is a shelf with rails attached to the upper cabinets for easy access to spice. Just pull out the rack and pick out your spice. 

This post overviews the pullout spice rack, why you should choose it, how to choose the best, etc. Read on to find out more!

Why You Need A Pull out Spice Rack For Upper Cabinets

Pull Out Spice Rack For Upper Cabinets
Pull Out Spice Rack For Upper Cabinets

Reach Spice Bottles With Ease

Most of us are guilty of storing away spice bottles on top of the cabinets or the bottom shelf in the kitchen. When you constantly bend or stretch to reach these bottles, it discourages you from using them. Over time, you may even forget you have them. 

With a pullout spice rack in your upper cabinet, you can keep your spice all in one place and at the appropriate height.


To Protect Spice From Environmental Factors

Environmental factors like sunlight, heat, and moisture have been known to alter the potency of spice. This is why manufacturers always say to keep them in a cool and dry place.

However, the stress of fumbling through the kitchen cabinet in search of spice make you settle for putting spice bottle on countertops. Although it allows easy access. At the same time, it makes the spice go bad.

Storing your spice in a pullout rack protects it from environmental factors and sustains it.


To Enhance Storage Space

A pullout spice rack for upper cabinets also enhances storage spaces in the kitchen. 

If you have a small kitchen, you need to use each dead space well. Also, if your kitchen is spacious, you must keep it organized. 

With a pullout spice rack, you have more room to store your jar and replace it after use. In other words, each jar is assigned storage space, and your kitchen is decluttered.

Pull Out Spice Rack For Upper Cabinets
Pull Out Spice Rack For Upper Cabinets

How To Choose A Pull out Spice Rack For Upper Cabinets


There are criteria for choosing a pullout spice cabinet that best suit you and your kitchen. Below are some of them.


The Rack Size


There are different sizes of a pullout spice cabinets. Regardless of your cabinet size, spice racks are made to fit it perfectly. There are racks for upper cabinets that are 9-12 inches wide.

You should consider the size of your cabinet before choosing a pullout spice rack for it. The rule of thumb is to go for a rack that is one inch smaller than your cabinet. 

For instance, if you have a nine inches cabinet, you should buy an eight inches rack. You don’t want a rack that fits loosely or too tightly. Hence, you should know your cabinet dimension before making any purchase. 


The Installation Process


The installation process is different for each brand/model of spice racks. But all of them have a slide assembly that allows the rack to slide in and out of the cabinet. 

The installation process is almost similar regardless of the rack’s model and brand. Mount the slide assembly on the base of the cabinet and fasten it with screws. 

Spice racks come fully assembled, and you may need to disassemble them before installing them on the cabinet base or door. Choose a rack whose installation process is easy and in line with your cabinet.


The Material The Rack Is Made Of


Pullout spice racks for upper cabinets are either made from metal, wood, or plastic. It can also be from a combination of either of these materials. Some are made from metal and wood, while some are made from metal and plastic. 

Each of these materials has its pros and cons. In other words, they can simultaneously be sturdy and susceptible to mechanical stress. 

For instance, metal racks cannot be broken but get rusted. Wooden racks don’t get rusted but can break/chip off easily.

Still, it all comes down to personal preference. Check the material that works best for you before buying the rack.


The Number Of Racks

Pull Out Spice Rack For Upper Cabinets


If your kitchen is small, you need more rack spaces in the pullout spice rack to optimize every inch. But the more rack space you have, the shorter the height between each rack. 

Before choosing a spice rack, decide if you want to sacrifice rack height for rack space. For instance, a rack that accommodates a total of 36 spice bottles cannot hold medium to large spice bottles. The bottles have to be small.

You can also choose the ones with adjustable racks in case you want to keep a taller spice jar.


Pull Out Spice Rack For Upper Cabinets You Should Own



Rev-A-Shelf is available in 5-9 inches. It is designed for narrow cabinets (about 9-12 inches in width). It has five-level storage spaces with comes with additional adjustable shelves. It is made of wood and can hold up to 20 pounds of weight.


Hafele Pull-Out Space Rack

Hafele can fit into 18-24 inches cabinets. It holds up to 20 pounds weight without collapsing. It is made from stainless steel, plastic, and wood. The rack can be sold individually or as a complete accessory.


Hardware Resource Wall Cabinet (HRS-FPO)

HRS-WFPO is made from wood and coated with an ultraviolet finish. It can fit into a 3-6 inches cabinet with ease. The rack comes with adjustable slides (about two of them) and can carry up to 15 pounds weight. 


Pro Tips: How To Arrange A Pull out Spice Rack For Upper Cabinets


Although the rack helps the kitchen stay organized. Still, it would help if you were intentional about organizing the rack. 

First things first, you need to have an arranging pattern. You can arrange the rack based on the cuisine type. For instance, spices for making stew can stay together while spices for making soup can stay together. 

You can choose to arrange them alphabetically. Spice starting with the same letter stays together. You can also arrange them based on the brand name. Spices from the same manufacturer stay together.

Another tip is to keep an inventory of what you have on the rack. This way, you keep track of spices close to their expiration dates and spice that need restocking.


Final Thoughts

The kitchen’s upper cabinet is as crowded as it is cramped. It can be a real hassle sifting through jars of different spices in search of the right one. 

Adding a pullout spice rack for the upper cabinet keeps the upper space well organized. It adds aesthetics and functionality to the kitchen. Why not try it out today?


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