Top 5 Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are in vogue in contemporary home design. These kinds of floors are made from Bamboo, Cherry, Ebony, or Oak. They are durable and can withstand mechanical damage. Hence, their popularity.

They have different undertones and require different management techniques. Recent hardwood floor finishing can be satin, matte, or flatter sheen. These finishings are beautiful but can lose luster over time due to stains and scratches. Hence, covering it with the best kitchen rugs for hardwood floors.

This post is an overview of why you need a kitchen mat and how to pick the best kitchen rugs for hardwood floors. It also contains the best kitchen mats for vinyl plank flooring and the best kitchen mat for tile floors. 

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5 Reasons Why You Need The Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors

To Protect The Floor

Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors
Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors

The primary reason why you need to best kitchen rugs is to protect the floor. If you leave the floor as-is, it is open to scratches from pieces of furniture. Especially vinyl plank flooring. Scratches are permanent, and over time, they reduce the floor’s luster. Kitchen floor mats are waterproof and also protect from spills. 

Using the best kitchen mat for vinyl plank flooring will protect the floor and increase its longevity, especially if you have kids or pets.

For Aesthetics And Decoration.

Apart from protecting the floor, kitchen rugs add beauty to the room. They come in different colors, patterns, styles, and designs to fit your home interior. Even tile floors that aren’t hardwood floors have been covered with kitchen mats for beauty. 

Some of the best kitchen mats for tile floors have a traditional unique design to add an antique look to the kitchen. Others are of modern design to show urban and class.

For Cushion And comfort

Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors

The best kitchen mat for back pain protects the floor and also adds cushioning effect to your feet and back. According to experts, standing on a hard floor results in pains in the knee and lower back over time. Covering the floor with rugs in areas where you stand for long (like in front of the stove or sink) will provide relief.

To Protect From Accidents

Some hardwood floors are polished and have luster. When there is a spill, there may be slips and falls. Covering the floor with the best non-slip kitchen rugs provides traction to stop falls, especially if you have kids running around.

These rugs are made from fiber with rubber or latex padding and are the best to protect from accidents.

For Easy Cleaning

Another reason why you need the best kitchen rugs for hardwood floors is the cleaning convenience. Hardwood floors are susceptible to stains. Some are tough, while some are permanent. When you use a kitchen rug, rather than scrub with a sponge and detergent water, you vacuum it regularly to remove dirt, dust, and smell.

5 Ways To Choose The Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors


Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors

Another factor to consider when choosing the best kitchen rugs for hardwood floors is their washability. Different rugs have different cleaning methods. Some are machine washable; some require handwashing. Some require constant vacuuming. Choose the rug with the cleaning method that best suits you.

The Rug’s Style


Kitchen rugs also come in different styles. The color, pattern, and design of the mat you choose should fit your kitchen’s interior or complement it. In other words, your kitchen space should inspire your choice of rug. 

The Rug’s Material

The best rug for hardwood floors is made from natural fibers or wool. These materials are soft and long-lasting. However, synthetic fibers should be considered if you want a rug with several prints and colors. They are also easy to wash without the colors fading.

Underlay And Paddings

Since you’d be covering a hardwood floor, you need a well-padded rug that will protect the floor from scratches. At the same time, it should provide a cushioning effect for the feet.

You should consider rugs with rubber pads. They are the best choice, unlike PVC or plastic padding. They discolor the floor and don’t stay in place.


Regardless of the size, pattern, and padding of the rug, you need to consider the price too. Generally, machine-made rugs cost less than manually made ones. Also, the price is determined by the size and design of the mat, but there are some high-end ones. This is why you need to stick to your budget. You should keep this in mind when deciding.

What Kinds Of Mats Are Safe For Hardwood Floors?

Overall, mats made from natural fibers or synthetic fibers are the best kinds of mats for hardwood floors. Synthetic fibers made from polypropylene are safe for hard floors. They are padded with rubber for grip. They don’t move about when stepped on. They are also durable and easy to vacuum.

5 Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors

Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors
Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors

Wool Area Rugs

Wool area rugs are made from natural or synthetic fibers. It is soft and easy on the feet. It is the best kitchen mat for back pain and can be used with or without back padding. It is also called an anti-fatigue mat because it absorbs impact and provides comfort from hard flooring.

Cotton-padded Rugs

The padded cotton rug is the best kitchen mat for wire cutters. It is made mainly from synthetic fibers (polyester), padded with wool to provide support.

Hand-made Rugs

The hand-made rug/mat is the best kitchen mat for vinyl plank flooring. It is made by hand from cotton or seagrass. It is safe on vinyl floors and does not discolor it.

Color Fast Kitchen Rugs

The colorfast kitchen rug is made from synthetic fiber and comes in beautiful colors. It is colorfast because it retains its color for a long time, regardless of environmental factors. It is the best non-slip kitchen rug. It comes with rubber/latex backing for traction.

Jute Kitchen Rugs

The jute kitchen rug has a soft feel, and it is the best kitchen mat for tiled floors. It should be used with a rug pad made of foam or latex to avoid slipping. Foam paddings are lightweight to counter the complex impact of the tile floor. Latex padding gives it traction.

The kitchen rug adds beauty and functionality to the kitchen floor when chosen right. The best kitchen rug for hardwood floors insulates the kitchen floor (especially tiled floors) and cushions your feet to ease the pain. Feel free to try them out today!

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