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Oven thermometers are an important piece of equipment in the kitchen. It tells you if the temperature is right or if the food item is well cooked. This is why America’s test kitchen experts review several of them to find the best.

This post is an overview of America’s test kitchen oven thermometer, how to pick the best, and the top choices. Read on to find out more!

america's test kitchen oven thermometer

Why You need America’s Test Kitchen Oven Thermometer

There are two kinds of oven thermometers; the in-built thermometer and the stand-alone thermometer.

The in-built thermometer is designed with the oven to set its temperature. The stand-alone thermometer is purchased separately to gauge the oven’s inner temperature.

Below are some reasons why you need a stand-alone oven thermometer.

In-built Oven Thermometers Are Unreliable

Chances are that the built-in thermometer is not

so accurate and relying on it is not advisable. Cooking with the wrong temperature setting alters the end product, especially when baking.

America’s test kitchen oven thermometer gives an accurate temperature reading to back up the built-in temperature reading.

In-built america’s test kitchen oven thermometer Wears Out Eventually

Using the same oven over and over again wears out its components fast. Especially the temperature regulator. In cases like this, the temperature reading will be inaccurate. Hence, you need America’s test kitchen oven thermometer as the stand-alone thermometer to take temperature readings.

To Ensure Uniformity When Baking

america's test kitchen oven thermometer

A stand-alone oven thermometer ensures that

several food items spread on the baking tray are evenly cooked/baked. Sometimes, parts of the oven tend to be hotter than most, and food in these areas cooks faster.

The in-built oven thermometer measures the oven’s hot spot temperature as the entire temperature which is wrong. Stand-alone thermometers give the temperature reading to ensure uniformity.

To Prevent Over Baking Or Under baking

You may unknowingly set the temperature a few

degrees higher or lower when trying out a new recipe. Over baking gives a slightly bitter taste and ugly appearance and under baking leaves some parts tasting raw. Test kitchen stand-alone oven thermometer ensures that the baking temperature is right.

How To Choose America’s Test Kitchen Oven Thermometer

Thermometer Reliability

The first criterion for choosing an oven thermometer is its reliability. Your choice of thermometer should be consistent with the temperature reading, regardless of

where it is placed.

Oven thermometers are affected by drafts and give inaccurate readings. Only the most reliable will tell the exact temperature, air draft or not.

The Thermometer Placement

There are two kinds of placement for oven thermometers. The rack-hanging placement and the rack-sitting placement. You should choose a thermometer that combines the two for easy placement. America’s test kitchen oven thermometer has both placements.

Ease Of Use

Most of America’s test kitchen oven thermometers are easy to read. You shouldn’t have difficulty finding one with a bold dial. Your choice of thermometer should have a white background dial with numberings legible enough to be seen without opening the oven door.

The Thermometer Range And Temperature Scale

You can decide to have your thermometer in oF or oC. It all comes down to personal preference.

However, you should choose a thermometer that offers both temperature measurements. You may want to try out recipes written in Celsius degrees when you have a 0F thermometer.

Also, consider the upper and lower limit of the thermometer. A range of up to 500oF is suitable for most recipes. But a higher temperature is needed for high-heat cooking such as grilling or baking.

Top Choice America’s Test Kitchen Oven Thermometer

CDN DOT 2 Oven Thermometer

CDN DOT 2 is the overall top choice for America’s test kitchen oven thermometer. It reads temperature with precision. It is made from stainless steel and comes in

silver color. CDN Dot 2 has two placement options; rack sitting and rack hanging. It measures temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius and has a wide temperature range. The dial is clear enough to be seen through the oven door.

Cooper-Atkins Stainless Steel Bi-metal Oven Thermometer

Next to CDN Dot 2 is Cooper-Atkins stainless steel bi-metal oven thermometer. It measures up to 6000F and 3000C. and has calibrated accuracy is ±250F. The bi-metal thermometer is made from stainless steel with a glass lens. The dial has FDA HACCP cooking guidelines on it.

Rubbermaid Stainless Steel Instant-Read O

america's test kitchen oven thermometer

ven Thermometer

Rubbermaid made our top ch

oice in America’s test

 kitchen oven thermometer due to its durability, reliability, and longevity. Although the mounting base is small, it is suited for home and large-scale kitchens. It requires no battery to read temperature instantly in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Taylor Precision Cooking Oven Thermometer

Taylor’s precision cooking oven has a large dial for easy reading. I

t measures Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures with high accuracy. it is made from stainless steel for durability and also features two placement options (rack sitting and rack hanging).

Pro-Tips On Using America’s Test Kitchen Oven Thermometer

Calibrate The Oven Be

fore Use

Every investment or equipment has a degree of error. Calibrating it will help you work around it.

l Place the thermometer in the oven and heat the oven to a degree

l Check the thermometer measurement after the oven preheats.

l Note the temperature difference between the pre-he

ated thermometer reading and the oven temperature reading.

l Repeat the process at least five times to fi

nd the average difference.

l Use this difference to adjust the oven’s temperature the next time you want to cook.

Clean Regularly

Since the thermometer stays inside the oven, it may encounter stains from cooking debris and baking ingredients. When these stains accumulate, it may aff

ect readability. America’s test k

itchen oven thermometer should be cleaned regularly to get an accurate reading.

l Ensure the thermometer is waterproof.

l Allow the gear and thermometer to cool down.

l Scrub with a dishcloth soaked in warm detergent water.

l Use baking soda and water to

remove tough stains.

Otherwise, read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean it.

Bottom Line

Oven thermometers come in handy for checking the accuracy o

f the in-built thermometer. It also helps determine hot spots and draft spots within the oven’s box. Sometimes, baking requires accurate temperature for a perfect result.

Hence, we compiled a list of America’s test kitchen oven thermometers. Feel free to try them out today.


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